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Safety cutters from klever innovations

  • The Klever Innovations safety knives prevent cutting injuries
  • The unique shape of the knife prevents damage to the content of the package
  • The built-in edge prevents contact with fingers
  • All knives feature a steady and ergonomic handle
  • Available in bright colors to make sure that the knife stands out in a messy working environment
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Klever Kutter
2,50 EUR  
Klever Kutter PLUS
2,50 EUR  
Klever Kutter metaldetectable
3,80 EUR  
Klever Excel double-sided
3,40 EUR  
Klever Excel single-sided
3,50 EUR  
Klever Excel PLUS single-sided
3,80 EUR  
Klever Koncept
2,70 EUR  
Klever XChange Handle dubbel
9,50 EUR  
Klever XChange Handle met enkel mesje
9,60 EUR  
Klever XChange Handle PLUS double-sided
11,95 EUR  
Klever XChange Handle PLUS single-sided
12,25 EUR  
Klever Xchange Handle Kurve
9,70 EUR  
Klever XChange Head double
0,95 EUR  
Klever XChange Head single
0,98 EUR  
Klever Xchange Head Kurve
1,20 EUR